ADA Lawsuits – Updates in the defense of disabled access cases – fall 2011

ADA cases continue to be a problem for California businesses, as shown by a number of recent articles cited below. Until the government takes away more of the profit incentive for these types of cases, more and more ADA lawsuits will be filed. In the meantime, businesses that can afford it should get ADA certified, see this from the California Department of General Services.

Representative Duncan Hunter from San Diego County introduces legislation to require businesses to be given 90 days to fix ADA violations before a lawsuit can be filed:

San Francisco supervisor David Chiu proposes a law to require commercial landlords to make their properties comply with the ADA:

Serial ADA plaintiff caught on tape hiking in the mountains!

Fresno businesses targeted with ADA lawsuits:

Stockton businesses targeted with ADA lawsuits:

And finally, this is from 2010 but it’s an interesting feature from the NPR show This American Life, scroll down to Act 3 regarding ADA plaintiff Tom Mundy:


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