Patent Law – The Patent Troll Update: News and Strategy – Fall 2013

Here are highlights of patent troll coverage of the last few months:

Congress continues to work its way through various patent troll bills, although the bill making the most progress, the Innovation Act, does not touch the probable root of the problem: the PTO’s review of patents, especially software patents.  Here is one law school professor’s assessment of the Innovation ActPolitico has a summary on the politics involved with the Innovation Act.

This Info World article describes how there are “big trolls” and “small trolls.”

Newegg loses a patent trial in Texas for $2.3 million, although they vow to appeal.  Newegg got better results in the ITC (International Trade Commission), where Newegg and other companies defeated a different patent troll.

Finally, IT security specialist Eugene Kaspersky on strategies to deal with patent trolls.

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