Employment Law – Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Arrives in California

As of July 1, mandatory paid sick leave is the law in California.  Some of the more important things to know about the new law are the following:

–   both full-time and part-time employees are entitled to paid sick leave;

–   there are different methods employers can choose to calculate accrued paid sick leave and to allow for the usage of paid sick leave, but in any event employees are entitled to use at least 24 hours or 3 days (whichever is greater for that employee) of paid sick leave per year;

–  employers can cap the accrual of paid sick leave at 48 hours or 6 days (whichever is greater for that employee) ;

–  paid sick leave can be used by the employee for themselves or for a family member;

–  paid sick leave can be used for the diagnosis, care or treatment of an existing health condition or preventive care, and can be used for leave because of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking; and

–  retaliation against an employee who requests paid sick leave or uses paid sick leave is prohibited.

For more information on the new paid sick leave law, see the California Department of Industrial Relations website.

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