Cases We Handle

Intellectual Property (Patent, Copyright, Trademark) Law – Patent prosecution; copyright and trademark registration (domestic and international); patent, copyright, and trademark infringement cases: Plaintiff and Defendant.  We have litigated cases in federal courts in numerous states, including Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and Alabama.  We have also represented clients in ITC (International Trade Commission) and TTAB (Trademark Trial and Appeal Board) proceedings.  For more information on our copyright cases, click here.  For more information on our patent cases, click here.  For more information on our trademark cases, click here.

Employment and Labor Law – We represent both employers and employees.  We focus on wrongful termination, sexual harassment, retaliation (termination or demotion of employee who was whistleblower or complained about unlawful conduct), and wage and hour (unpaid overtime, failure to provide rest and/or meal breaks) cases.  For more information on our employment and labor cases, click here.

Business Law – We focus on breach of contract, insurance coverage, conversion, freight forwarding/shipping, defamation, and collection cases.  For more information on our business law cases, click here.

Real Estate Law – Fraud, breach of contract, title, boundary dispute, building code violation, commercial lease, construction defect, and contractor license cases.  We have represented real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, property owners, and contractors.  We do not handle loan modification  or residential lease matters.  For more information on our real estate cases, click here.

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