Employment Law – Harassment, Overtime, Rest and Meal Breaks, Wrongful Termination

Labor and Employment Law – We represent both employers and employees.

We focus on wrongful termination, sexual harassment, retaliation (termination or demotion of employee who was whistleblower or complained about unlawful conduct), and wage and hour (unpaid overtime, failure to provide rest and/or meal breaks) cases.

Some examples of our past employment cases has included representation of the following:

–  A hotel that was accused of not providing the required rest and meal breaks;

–  A male employee who alleged he was sexually harassed by his female supervisor;

–  A company that was alleged to have committed racial discrimination and unlawful retaliation;

–  An employee who accused his supervisor of preferential treatment of his mistress, a co-worker of our client;

–  A mortgage company that was alleged to have been liable for sexual harassment; and

–  An employee who was not paid her required overtime

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