Business Law

Business Law – We focus on breach of contract, liability insurance coverage, conversion, freight forwarding/shipping, business fraud, defamation, and collection cases.  The following are examples of the business cases we have handled:

–  Freight forwarder dispute regarding the delivery of goods;

–  Collection of unpaid bills and invoices;

–  Insurance coverage disputes (fire insurance, liability insurance, property insurance);

–  Conversion/taking of business inventory and personal property;

–  Violation of business warranties;

–  Disputes over control of a corporation;

–  Cases involving a claim that an individual is an alter ego of a corporation; and

–  Defamatory comments made by a business about a competitor

We have represented businesses, large and small, from throughout the United States and Asia.

We do not handle the formation of corporations or securities fraud matters.

For more information on business law, see the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions and our blog on recent developments in business law.

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