Patent Infringement and Prosecution

Patent prosecution and licensing: Jen-Feng Lee is a patent attorney who is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  Although it is possible for inventors to file for their own patents, the complexity of patent law puts the inventor at risk of not having the patent issued or not writing the specifications and claims of the invention clearly enough to protect the patent against potential infringers.  Jen-Feng Lee has the experience and skill to communicate with the inventor and the USPTO such that the patent application is properly prepared and that the patent, once issued, protects the invention against infringers.

LT Pacific Law Group is also experienced in preparing and negotiating patent licensing agreements.

Patent infringement cases: LT Pacific Law Group has represented both inventors seeking to enforce a patent against another and companies and individuals who have been accused of infringing a patent.  Patent infringement cases often are very complex, but LT Pacific Law Group prides itself on obtaining the best result for the client in a cost-effective manner.

Besides handling cases in California federal courts, we have litigated cases for California clients who have been sued in federal courts in many other states, including Virginia, Ohio, Texas, and Alabama.  We have also represented clients in ITC (International Trade Commission) proceedings.

If you are an entity, individual, or attorney outside of California that has been sued in California, we can serve as local counsel for cases in the United States District Court, Central District of California, the Los Angeles Superior Court, and all other courts in California.

For more information on patent law, see our answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Patent Prosecution and Frequently Asked Questions on Patent Infringement Lawsuits,  and our blog on recent developments in patent law.