Real Estate and Construction Law

Real Estate Law – We focus on fraud, breach of contract, title, ADA violations, boundary dispute, building code violations, commercial lease, construction defect, and contractor license cases.

We have represented real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, property owners, and contractors.

Examples of past real estate and construction cases we have handled include representation of:

–  A real estate broker where the broker was alleged to have been negligent;

–  A property owner in a quiet title action against another property owner where both parties claimed ownership of the same parcel;

–  A property purchaser who claimed the seller and the seller’s agent committed fraud in the sale of that property;

–  A property owner where a disabled person claimed the property violated the ADA;

–  A property owner in a dispute with a city over building code violations;

–  A mortgage broker in a case where the broker was alleged to have committed mortgage fraud;

–  A developer who was alleged to have committed fraud and breach of contract and caused mold damage;

–  A contractor alleged to have performed defective work;

–  A property owner who claimed his contractor abandoned the job; and

–  An engineer alleged to have performed negligent work

We do not handle loan modification  or residential landlord-tenant matters.

For more information on real estate law, see the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions and our blog on recent developments in real estate law.

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